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Morocco – Day 3 Setti Fatma & Imlil

We hired a driver though Sahara Expedition. I forgot to mention the exchange rate. It was very good. For example, to get a private driver for the entire day, stop whenever we want and go to 2 different towns it was about $100 dollars. Our driver didn’t speak English that well but we managed to understand each other though hand motions. Most Moroccans speak French or Arabic. All of the signs were in those two languages.

Back to our adventure. The landscape was beautiful so we stopped many times before we arrived at the first destination, Setti Fatma.

Here are some shots of our scenery along the way.




After 3 hours we arrived at Setti Fatma. It is a town at the bottom of a beautiful waterfall. We hired a “tour guide” and when I say tour guide I mean a local that goes to every tourist asking if they need a guide and throws out a random price. We got lucky and he only charged us $6. He hiked up with us and showed us the top of the waterfall. The above photo was not the waterfall we hiked to. The one below was. It took about 30 minutes to get up there and there were times when I thought I was going to slip into the water but luckily enough I didn’t.


It was incredible. Just amazing. No words can describe it.

After the waterfalls we got back in the car and headed to Imlil. We didn’t know what this town was exactly but we heard a lot about it so we wanted to go.

On the way to Imlil we stopped at a rest stop so the driver could have a cig and get a drink. We were OK with that because there were camels on the side of the road! I wanted to ride one but they were so dirty with flies all over them. I got freaked out so I didn’t do it. There is always next time…


Well……Imlil was a very small town….actually just 1 street. The significance of the town was that it was at the bottom of the highest peak in Northern Africa, Jebel Toubkal. It was a hot (temperature) town and then you look up and see snow capped mountain.


Most people stay overnight in Imlil and then climb up the mountain. We walked up and down the street and then jumped into the car to head back to Marrakech.

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