I made it!!

I packed all day Saturday with the help of my friend, Cristina, and then headed off to the airport with my Dad.

As you can tell my dad is not an artistic person.  It took a couple of tries to finally not get my head chopped off in the photo.  It’s ok Dad the final one turned out “postable”. =)  This is me in the airport parking lot.  I had to document it.  2 checked bags, a carry-on and the green bag which I told them was my purse.  I also had to represent and wear my PSU sweatshirt since it didn’t fit in my luggage.  I also wore a jacket over that (bear in mind that it was 80 degrees in NY that night) because it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase but i knew it would be necessary once I arrived in London.

My flight was smooth and I just slept the entire way.  I woke up when we were about an hour away from landing. I couldn’t wait!!  I passed through customs, grabbed my luggage and raced out to the meeting area to see Jon with beautiful flowers in hand.

Next up…seeing the flat that Jon picked out ALONE.  We pulled up to the front door and I knew it was going to be perfect.  Such a cute, quintessential London flat.  He opened the door and it was love at first sight!  The flat is amazing. Jon did VERY well.  It’s a mess right now because we are unpacking and getting settled in but I will include photos soon.  It’s a 1 bedroom with a lot of space but no closets (eek!).  An IKEA trip will happen very soon so we can figure this all out.

Jon showed me around hte area and the first thing I saw was FRAE so I had my first meal there.  Delicious and so happy it’s close to the flat.

While I was unpacking I marked my territory again with a PSU magnet.  We are……PENN STATE!  Sorry Jon….we share everything now…feel free to put up something Cornell is you want. =)

One more funny thing I want to share before I go.  To me Palmolive is used to clean your dishes but here it’s for your body as well.  I am going to adapt to everything I can but this is one thing I can’t do.  I smell like dishes right now.

With that….I’m off to buy body wash.

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  1. Congratulations! Please to here you have made it safely and had a great flight. Looking forward to reading more of your London adventures…and welcome home 🙂

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