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Supermarket Sweep

The first food shop for a new apt/flat is never fun.  You need everything.  The condiments, basics, etc.  I asked my friends where a big food store was and they said the Westfield Mall

would be the best bet so I headed off.  Well this mall was HUGE!  A million restaurants and stores.  I got lost and had to ask where the exit was.  Finally I found the Waitrose and headed inside.

Every expat most likely has the same experience of food shopping here in the UK for the first time but I still wanted to share some of mine.

1. The aisles are in diagonals and all intersect with each other so walking up and down every aisle gets confusing and you definitely miss some of the store.

2. Eggs aren’t in a refrigerated area!!

3. I couldn’t find frozen veggies.  Do they have that here?

4. Delivery was free so obviously I did that…so easy!

5. I miss the US version of peanutbutter. (hint hint – we love mail )

6. I am a list person and the shopping carts have clipboards for your lists.  It’s like the cart was made for me!

7. I couldn’t find tortilla chips.  What am I supposed to dip in my hummus?

Either way it was successful and we finally have food in the flat.  Time to cook dinner.


5 Responses

  1. I miss Waitrose! Their hummus is really good…hope you got some. As is the Davidstow Cheddar Extra Mature (if you are really going to be English, you need to have cheese in the house!). And you didn’t even mention how great it is to have wine/alcohol in the same store as food!

    Miss you guys! 🙂

  2. Isn’t it funny how you go to another country and it feels like a parallel universe? Like, everything SEEMS the same but really everything is slightly different. Good luck finding frozen veggies (I am sure they must have them somewhere) and tortilla chips!

  3. haha Peanut butter is the #1 thing I’m worried about finding…did you find natural peanut butter? and have you tried the Whole Foods over there yet? Congrats on your move over- my turn is Thursday!

    • Have been to whole foods a couple of times but always forget to look for the pb. I’m sure ill be there at some point this week so ill report back. Good luck with the move!

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