School Field Trip

The marketing students and MBA students went to the Tower of London for the day to meet with the marketing team that works there.  It was very boring.  It’s one of the top 5 tourist spots for London but we all weren’t sure why.  After spending the day there we had to give a 10 minute presentation about ways to market the tower better.  At first we were all scared of what to say because we were pretty much telling the team that they were doing a horrible job and we had better ideas than they did but in the end they took it very well and really enjoyed our presentations.

I didn’t even bother taking photos inside the tower but here are some from the outside.  You can say you were there since you have seen these photos.

Don’t waste £17 ($17) to go inside.

*It was pretty cool that our school planned this for us and we got to meet the marketing team though.

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