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When You Have Too Many Things On Your Mind

You miss things such as the fact that even though your cable hasn’t been officially connected there are free channels that you can watch as long as your TV is plugged in.  I was tired of staring at our beautiful new TV  just sitting there so I decided to plug it in and give it a go.  Well as soon as I turned it on I realized that we have over 30 channels that we could have been watching over the past 3 weeks!!!

So frustrating but at what are you going to do.

So today I have watched a ton of TV including multiple episodes of Friends, The Wedding Planner, and The Devil Wears Prada.  I think 27 Dresses will be on in 2 hours so you better believe that I’ll be on my couch watching it.

Oh and I’ve also discovered that I can “steal” a neighbors internet so I’m currently on my couch watching TV and blogging.  Life is good.

One Response

  1. haha welcome to the dark side! I am doing the same thing! stealing internet from our neighbors and watching the free TV. love it! There is a show on Monday nights on E4 called The Inbetweeners that is HILARIOUS. Sean is obsessed already with it- totally boy humor. or should I say humour?

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