Movie Frate

Marie and I headed to the movies last Wednesday.  We went to see Life As We Know It.

My review: Cute movie, a little too long, sad story with a happy ending.

The reason for this post is because as much as I enjoy Marie’s company there was something in the bathroom that struck me as bizarre yet handy.

This little vending machine is full of toothbrushes!  Random but smart.  Dinner and a movie is a common duo all around the world.  You might be worried about what’s in your teeth or how your breath is so why not pay £1 and brush your teeth before you snuggle up in the movie.

Would I use it…prob not because I carry gym, tic tacs and dental floss at all times but we all know no one is as organized as me (well maybe my mom). 

Wow I really am a marketing student because I feel like I just did a school project about a new product. Maybe that Masters education is coming in handy.


2 Responses

  1. somehow I missed this post but that’s hilarious! I was wondering what was taking you so long in the bathroom hahaha now i know!

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