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My First Trip Back To NY (HOME)!

We went back to NY for a friends wedding and it was a perfect weekend and perfect timing.  It was just about 2 months since I’d been back so this trip was more than necessary.  It was the most tiring weekend ever because we were always on the go but worth every second.

Lots of friends, family and errands packed into 3 days. The wedding was BEAUTIFUL and we danced, drank, and laughed until 3am!

Jen & Shanna met me out after the rehearsal dinner on Friday!

And here are a couple from the wedding. Ziff you requested to be on the blog about 5839205839206034 times Saturday night so here you go.

Look at the cake!!!

Mr. & Mrs. =)



Looked like they really enjoyed that shot.

Marissa, Rachel & me

And last but not least….The food was really good.

It felt great to be home.  It actually felt like I never left.  Everything picked up right where we left it.  I dragged Shanna around the city on Friday running errands like I always did when we lived together. We ate lunch at our favorite “fast food” restaurant, Nanoosh, where we devoured our Lebane wraps in 2 minutes.  We talked while we literally walked downtown then uptown then back across town.

Can’t wait for my next trip to NY in December!

**If anyone doesn’t want a photo of them up here let me know and I’ll take it down.

3 Responses

  1. You look so pretty! Such a great trip home. Did you know that the Nanoosh on the UES closed? Sad.

  2. I’m glad we got to have a “super secretive” meeting in the hosiery dept on Friday. It was great seeing you & catching up.
    Glad to hear it was a successful trip! See you next time you’re in America for the holidays.

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