Brick Lane

On our way to Brick Lane we walked along Fournier Street and it was just so cute.

We made a right onto Brick Lane and weren’t that impressed at first.  We just saw a ton of restaurants and not that many people.

Indian Fast Food

We thought it was supposed to be a fun market with vendors lining the streets.  We were so confused and decided to turn around. Once we walked back we realized we should have made a left when we got to Brick Lane because that’s where all the action was.


For Your Entertainment

Not that much going on right now.  London has gotten cold (High 30s/Low 40s). We do have trips and visitors lined up for the next couple of weeks so I promise there will be better posts coming soon.  Until then enjoy these videos.

American TV

American TV Is amazing.  I don’t care if people say it’s trashy or wrong.  I love it.  Having been in the UK for 4 months now I’m really missing Bravo, Food Network, Cooking, ABC, NBC, TLC, and Style.  The list could go on and on and on. I haven’t even watched OWN yet!

Well we have found the answer.  I’m actually sitting in my living room in London watching Live with Regis & Kelly right now.  How you ask…..


We set it up on a TV in NJ and we watch it though our computer.  Now you’re probably thinking “but it’s a 5 hour different so you aren’t going to stay awake until 1am just to watch primetime TV”.  Well that’s where DVR comes in.

We are happy campers now!  American TV in our London flat…GENIUS!

Rachael Ray’s on…gotta go. 

Monday Funday

Neither of us had class today so we decided to go ice skating at Somerset House. The rink is sponsored by Tiffany & Co and open until January 23rd.

See the building in the back of the boxes?  That is scaffolding.  I have seen this a lot in Europe.  The scaffolding is made to look like the facade of the building and that way you can’t see the workers and won’t lose the effect of the beautiful building. Now that I pointed it out to you can you see the color difference in the first photo.  Pretty genius to me.

Jon talked a big game before we got on the ice since he played hockey for a while.

He lived up to the hype and was a pro on the ice.

Back to reality tomorrow.  First day of semester 2 = BOOOOOOOOOO!

Did I mention…

that I got a free upgrade on my flight back to London?!

I was greeted with a glass of champagne, had crab cakes for dinner and a fruit and cheese platter for dessert.  I put the seat down so it was a bed, fluffed my real pillow, wrapped myself in the warm duvet and the next thing I knew I had landed in London.  It was glorious. 

The State of Pennsylvania

I found some photos on my phone from our trip to the states.  For the past 3 years we have gone to the Winter Classic for New Years. First year was in Chicago then Boston and this past one was in Pittsburgh.  Not as exciting as the other two places but we still had so much fun.  We go with a group of people so there is never a dull moment.  The best part of going to Pitt for it was that we decided to drive and we had to drive through PENN STATE!!! I loved showing Jon around and made me a little teary eyed pointing out each spot that had an amazing memory attached.

The Tour:

As you drive on Park Ave you see Beaver Stadium and it’s just beautiful (not really…we are in the middle of nowhere but the stadium makes everyone happy)!

Closer view of the stadium:

Shulze Hall: Sororities in PA can’t have houses so we lived on the sorority floor Freshman-Junior year.

McLanahan’s was our go-to place for breakfast, sandwiches, food, drinks, PSU clothing, etc.

The Waffle Shop!!!!! It’s really called the Original Waffle Shop but no one calls it there.  It’s like IHOP but BETTER!

We ate at The Waffle Shop for brunch. So delicious.

G-Man: aka Gingerbread Man – our Tuesday night spot and THE place to be and drink Hurricanes

Sidenote: There used to be a movie theater next to it….not a Chipotle!

CedarLofts #2 – Where I lived Senior year.  Our guy friends had 3 apartments in the “building” and we had 3 also so it was just craziness for 10 months straight.

After our pitstop at Penn State we headed out to Pittsburgh.  We ate at Primanti Bros and then enjoyed the Winter Classic.

Have you been to Primanti Brothers before?  I don’t even know how to explain it.  THe line was out of door (literally) and the menu is on the wall.  The sandwiches all have cole slaw (vinegar based, no mayo), tomatos and french fries.  If you asked them to hold the slaw they will probably spit in your food.  They don’t take change very well there. I ordered the cheese combo (swiss, american & provolone).

Look at it!!

We explored Pittsburgh and then headed to the game.

The next morning we woke up early to hit the road and after 5.5 hours we made it to back home to enjoy the last couple of days we had until our flights back to London.

Home Sweet Home.

To iPhone Or Not To iPhone

That is the question.

Click for source

I’m eligible for an upgrade for my US phone and when I’m home in April I might be getting an iPhone.  I’m addicted to BBM and it’s the easiest way to stay in touch with my friends back home since it’s free.  I’ve been using Whats App with some iPhone friends and it hasn’t been that bad and it’s free also. Not sure if it’s worth it since I am hardly in the States but it’s just sooooo cool!  I guess I’ll make the decision when the time comes.

Sushi Takeout

Take out & delivery are not as common here but you can do it at some places.  I took out sushi from Ukai 2 nights ago and was satisfied with my choices. I ordered edamame, a spicy tuna roll, a salmon avocado roll and 2 pieces of spicy salmon nigiri.

As you can see from the photo it’s not what I’m used to at all.  The edamame came drenched in soy sauce.  To make the rolls spicy they used a chili sauce and just layered it on top.  I like when it’s mixed in and all chopped up!  The roll size is also smaller (5 pieces and 4 pieces vs 6 pieces being standard). It was good and I would order from them again but no sushi can replace Suzu Sushi in NYC and Sushi Hana in NJ.

If I could I’d eat sushi everyday for the rest of my life but I guess I can’t start that until I move back to the States.

One Year Ago Today….

I woke up to an email saying I got into my top choice school.  I was so excited to know that our plan was actually happening.

Sorry I don’t have any photos to insert here (not putting my school name on here for obvious reasons).

And 1 year later I’m 2 exams away from finishing my first semester of my Masters program, living in London in my amazing flat in Notting Hill with my amazing boyfriend, meeting people from all around the world but still mainly hanging out with Americans for some reason. 



Don’t Forget Your Umbrella

Look at this beautiful weather forecast we have for this week.

Can’t wait! 

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