The State of Pennsylvania

I found some photos on my phone from our trip to the states.  For the past 3 years we have gone to the Winter Classic for New Years. First year was in Chicago then Boston and this past one was in Pittsburgh.  Not as exciting as the other two places but we still had so much fun.  We go with a group of people so there is never a dull moment.  The best part of going to Pitt for it was that we decided to drive and we had to drive through PENN STATE!!! I loved showing Jon around and made me a little teary eyed pointing out each spot that had an amazing memory attached.

The Tour:

As you drive on Park Ave you see Beaver Stadium and it’s just beautiful (not really…we are in the middle of nowhere but the stadium makes everyone happy)!

Closer view of the stadium:

Shulze Hall: Sororities in PA can’t have houses so we lived on the sorority floor Freshman-Junior year.

McLanahan’s was our go-to place for breakfast, sandwiches, food, drinks, PSU clothing, etc.

The Waffle Shop!!!!! It’s really called the Original Waffle Shop but no one calls it there.  It’s like IHOP but BETTER!

We ate at The Waffle Shop for brunch. So delicious.

G-Man: aka Gingerbread Man – our Tuesday night spot and THE place to be and drink Hurricanes

Sidenote: There used to be a movie theater next to it….not a Chipotle!

CedarLofts #2 – Where I lived Senior year.  Our guy friends had 3 apartments in the “building” and we had 3 also so it was just craziness for 10 months straight.

After our pitstop at Penn State we headed out to Pittsburgh.  We ate at Primanti Bros and then enjoyed the Winter Classic.

Have you been to Primanti Brothers before?  I don’t even know how to explain it.  THe line was out of door (literally) and the menu is on the wall.  The sandwiches all have cole slaw (vinegar based, no mayo), tomatos and french fries.  If you asked them to hold the slaw they will probably spit in your food.  They don’t take change very well there. I ordered the cheese combo (swiss, american & provolone).

Look at it!!

We explored Pittsburgh and then headed to the game.

The next morning we woke up early to hit the road and after 5.5 hours we made it to back home to enjoy the last couple of days we had until our flights back to London.

Home Sweet Home.


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  1. Ooh, hello from a fellow hockey fan here in London. So jealous you got to go to the Winter Classic! I’m a big Washington Capitals fan, but was stuck watching it on TV at home. Are you into NHL hockey generally, or is it just a Winter Classic thing?

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