55cm x 40cm x 20cm (22in x 16in x 8in)

Those dimensions represent the strict carryon baggage allowance rules for Ryanair. I don’t remember these rules 5 years ago when I flew them but I know they are strict about them now so I had a little anxiety finding a bag and making sure it wasn’t bigger than the allotted size. We are only going away for 3 days so I luckily didn’t have to pack too much.

STEP 1: Find a bag.

Step 2: Layout everything that needs to be packed.


Step 3. Pray it fits in the bag. (Sorry no photo)

Step 4: Smile because said bag is packed with room to spare!

Fingers crossed I don’t get stopped when I get to the airport!

Guess where we are going……


3 Responses

  1. I remember when I was able to use a 45lb. backpack as carryon! Oh, Ryanair. I miss the way it was.

    Safe travels!

  2. Ashley,

    I thought I was an excellent packer, you have just totally schooled me. I’m having a serious issue packing for a week home in a roller carry-on.


  3. I know! I know! 🙂 BTW, I usually always use a LeSportsac duffle (the like, weekender one) and its fine for Ryanair. Have an AMAZING time! xx

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