Puppies For Sale At Harrods

Yup, you read that right.  You can buy dogs and hamsters at Harrods.

Or you can bring your dog to get groomed at the Pet Spa.

The photo below is really hard to see but it’s a treadmill with a flat screen TV for your dog to get exercise.

So many leashes (or should I say leads) to choose from!

The Pet Kingdom wouldn’t be complete without a bakery.


Roberto Cavalli’s first dog clothing line.  £300 for 1 piece of clothing….

Harrods also sells exclusive dog bed or palaces as I would refer to them.

And the perfect dog pillow….

If you don’t actually have a dog but love them so much you could decorate your house this with clock.

Head to the 4th floor of Harrods to experience this pet lovers haven.  It’s worth the trip!

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