Paris On Purpose – Palace Of Versailles

I know it’s been a while but please bear with me.  If you missed the first post about Paris read about it here.

Friday morning we woke up and went to visit Versailles to see the Palace. After a quick 40 minute train ride through the outskirts of Paris we arrived.

Before we entered Lindsey told us about the history.

We had a headset tour through the palace which was great because we could walk the palace at our own pace.  Here is what the tour sounded like in one of the rooms. (listen very carefully)

The Palace was huge and kept going and going.  One of the rooms was Marie Antoinette’s bedroom.

I’d say the hall of mirrors was the best part of the palace. It a hall that measures 239.5 ft × 34.4 ft × 40.4 ft with mirrors on 1 side and huge windows on the other.  You can look out to the beautiful gardens. If you want to know the history of it click here.

After the tour of the Palace we headed outside to the gardens. They went on for miles and miles!  They were pretty but I can only imagine what they look like when everything is in bloom.

I love my Flip!  Check out my video from the gardens.

Hope you enjoyed your tour of the Palace of Versailles!  Lots more about Paris to come.







2 Responses

  1. I love this Palace. When I stood in Marie A’s bedroom I got goose bumps I was so excited. Your next stop should be the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna and stand in her Mothers bedroom Maria Theresia. That palace is an amazing place. I think they only summered in that palace…

  2. I love Versailles! Glad you had a fun time 🙂

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