Starbucks For Free

Did anyone else in the UK take advantage of the free coffee offer from Starbucks?

I did! 

I used my giftcard (which works in the US and UK) to purchase a tall iced coffee and received a full sized bag of coffee for FREE.  I was expecting a little sample size but nope….full size. =)


Speaking of Starbucks…What do you think of the new logo design?

I like it.  Change is good.

6 Responses

  1. Free Starbs?? Jealous!

  2. I definitely took advantage. Coffee is a beautiful thing. Had some French pressed Starbucks Colombian coffee this morning. Deelish.

  3. NO!!!!

    I have a UK registered Starbucks card and keep getting these e-mails with free offers and can’t use them as I live on Malta. (No Starbucks here…)

    Such a tease!

    Just found your blog via Hangry Pants, this looks like such a fun place, love the name!

    • Thanks for visiting! I’ve been to Malta and it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! My starbucks is registerd in the US so I have the same problem as you, only getting offers for the US. haha. I saw this promotion on facebook.

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