Engagement Trumps Birthdays

The first 24 hours in NYC were epic. It started out at dinner with Jon to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary and ended with a Saturday brunch with the besties celebrating our engagement.

From this:

to this:

to this:

Rewind to the beginning…we got into NY around 4pm.  We were staying at a hotel because Jon’s parents were “painting” the apt (which turns out wasn’t true).  We got to the hotel and I immediately ran off to get a mani/pedi because I was in desperate need of one (anyone that lives in London understands). I knew I had to be ready early but  I thought I had enough time to get both a manicure and pedicure but I was wrong.  I wound up getting a pedicure and half a manicure (no polish).  I headed back to the hotel to shower and get for the dinner.

We met Jon’s sister, Erika, at the restaurant for some drinks before dinner.  We caught up, laughed and everything seemed totally normal.  Jon and I went upstairs for dinner to enjoy delicious sushi.  He decided he wanted to give me my birthday present after dinner and I wasn’t going to say no so we went back to the hotel.

I walked into the room and there were rose petals, flowers, presents, candy, champagne, and some other things all over the room!  I was in shock! I turned around and Jon was down on one knee.

After spending time together we headed down to the lobby where I was surprised to see my family and his family. We celebrated with toasts and drinks and then headed to a bar where I was surprised again by all my friends.

After a crazy night out which ended with dancing to a cover band we woke up to meet the girls for bunch at barmarche which I highly suggest you visit if you are in NY.

I still can’t stop smiling and can’t believe I’m engaged!

I keep forgetting that my birthday was on Saturday too.  I don’t really care though because the engagement definitely trumps the birthday.

Let the wedding planning begin!

10 Responses

  1. Wow! Sounds pretty much perfect, congratulations!!!

  2. Congratulations!!!! How exciting 🙂

    ps~ I will be in the states next month and cannot wait for a mani/pedi!

  3. Congratulations! That’s wonderful news – and in NYC with all your family, what a great guy 🙂 And barmarche – what a great place! One of my faves! xx

  4. Sounds so perfect for you! Friends, Family, Fiance! (Plus sushi, champgne and a DIAMOND!)

  5. CONGRATS Ash! The ROCK is Ah-MAZING!!

  6. AHHHHHHHHH OMG congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited and happy for you!!! Ring pictures please!!!! Jon is so sweet to propose like this!

  7. yaaaaay congrats! 🙂 so so excited for you guys! I wish we were still in London to celebrate with you guys!

  8. […] it all became reality on April 8th and the planning hasn’t stopped since. We were only home for a month so we wanted to make […]

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