What To Do, What To Do

Exams are OVER! No More classes either!

What I’ve been doing with my time since my time has opened up…

Finished reading The Love Verb by Jane Green (in the US it’s titled Promises To Keep)

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Started reading One Moment, One Morning by Sarah Rayner

Click for source

Writing a paper on Marketing Communications

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And last but NOT least….. Researching wedding stuff!

Current blogs and websites I’m obsessed with:

Forget Me Knot Weddings

Bridal Snob

100 Layer Cake

The Knotty Bride

Glamour and Grace

The Wedding Chicks

One Lovely Day

Oh Lovely Day

Style Me Pretty

Any other sites I NEED to check out?

8 Responses

  1. I like the Once Wed blog 🙂

  2. I’m personally obsessed with not on the high street. Not sure it’s very wedding related, but design-inspiring!

    So, now that you’ve got time on your hands, when are we hanging out next?

    • Got a great idea just from browsing that site!

      We are going through AT/David withdrawl so we need to make a plan! I’m going away this weekend but we are available after that. Email to discuss =)

  3. yay for returning back to the blog world! thanks for the book suggestions:)

    I just finished the hunger games trilogy and loved every second of it. I am still in mourning that it’s over. But now i’m onto tina fey’s Bossypants but can’t read it in public for fear of snort laughing.

    • I have about 10 books downloaded and Hunger Games is on there. I like reading the book before it comes out as a movie so I’ll be reading it soon so we can discuss.

  4. Weddingbee.com. I read it looong after my wedding. Fun to keep up with all the ladies who submit.

  5. Definitely check out ESB – East Side Bride – she is hilarious and will give you a reality check should you need it! Plus she loves the avant-garde/non traditional side so if you’re thinking of going rogue she’s your lady! Congrats again! x

  6. Thanks for being currently obsessed with my blog 🙂 It made my day. No, my week! xx

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