To iPhone Or Not To iPhone

That is the question.

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I’m eligible for an upgrade for my US phone and when I’m home in April I might be getting an iPhone.  I’m addicted to BBM and it’s the easiest way to stay in touch with my friends back home since it’s free.  I’ve been using Whats App with some iPhone friends and it hasn’t been that bad and it’s free also. Not sure if it’s worth it since I am hardly in the States but it’s just sooooo cool!  I guess I’ll make the decision when the time comes.



I’m getting ready to head to the States for the holidays and packing is a mess.  I’m going to be in cold weather, freezing weather and warm weather.  How do I pack 1 suitcase for all of that?!?!

Well besides that I took out my US blackberry, turn it on and I got this.


But don’t worry after 10 minutes it started up.  I guess it was just completely dead after not using it for 2 months.  All is ok though b/c it’s working and back in action so feel free to call, text or bbm when I’m home!!!

First Group Project – COMPLETED

In my buyer behavior class we decided to investigate how Research In Motion repositioned the Blackberry from a business phone to a social smartphone.  We did a lot of work (research, questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, etc) and late nights but finally handed in the report last Thursday.  We also had to do a YouTube video summarizing what we did and this added 10% to our grade.  We decided to be more creative with the video and not do the normal presentation where people stand in front of the camera and read from a script.  This is our video.

The grading system is really weird/different here so without going into detail we got an A+ on the entire project (report and video).  I’m off to a good start with my grades.  I guess all of the stressing paid off.

Once I fully understand the grading system I’ll explain it in detail.

The Missing Link

I’m officially all settled in.  The last piece of the puzzle was a phone.  We’ve got a flat, internet, cable, heat, electric, etc but I was missing the major piece of communication until now.

I’ve transferred all of my info from my US blackberry so everything is all set up and ready to go.

Call me!

(If you want my number email me.)

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