My First Visitor!

Jen’s weekend here flew by!  We had a jam packed 4 days though.

She arrived Thursday morning and next thing I knew it was Sunday afternoon and I was dropping her off at the Heathrow Express.


A little tour around the Westminster Abbey area

A little tour around the Westminster Abbey area


Fashionista Tea at The Berkley

Prêt-à-Portea was so much fun.  Each sweet & savory piece was inspired by a piece of fashion.  We tried to take photos but the lighting wasn’t good at all.  You can learn about the afternoon tea here. The only photo that came out was of a pair of Christian Louboutins. I think it’s a sign.


Spring/Summer 2008 Shoe


After tea we walked around Harrods. and Harvey Nichols then headed to meet Jon and some friends for dinner and drinks at the pub.

Next up…DAY 2 – A day trip to Bath!

Chocolate Chip Cookies (UK Version)

We have been looking in ever food store for cookie dough and been unsuccessful until yesterday when we went to Waitrose for our weekly food shop.  We found this:

Just add water?!?!  Only makes 8 cookies (that’s 1 serving for Jon )?!?! We were skeptical but had to try it out.

Poured the powder (weird) into a bowl.

Add water and mix.

Scoop out onto a tray and put it in the oven for 10 minutes.

Eat the extra cookie “dough”.

Wait, wait, wait and then enjoy.

Our batch only made 6 cookies.

You can taste the different between what we make at home and here but they were edible.  Actually all 6 cookies were gone in about 10 minutes flat.  It might be a record for us. =)

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