I’m Going Crazy…

…without internet and TV in our flat!!  Only 5 more days until it’s connected but until then we will be finishing the first season of Modern Family which we downloaded from iTunes. If you haven’t watched this show before please stop what you re doing ad start watching it.  I can’t decide if my favorite character is Cameron or Phil.

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If you watch the show who is your favorite character??

One Year Ago Today….

One year ago today I was given the best gift from my parents.  The gift of sight (well 20/15 vision to be exact). I started the process when I was 18 years old but I chickened out right before the surgery a couple times.  Finally last year I forced myself to go through with it.  I had to have PRK instead of LASIK which is a little bit more involved but produces the same results in the end.  The actual surgery took 10 seconds per eye and then I got up from the table and was able to see everything!!  I layed on my couch for a day looking like this:

After that day I was out shopping, socializing and event went to a birthday party at a bar.  Why did I wait so long?!?!  If anyone is considering it DO IT RIGHT NOW.  You won’t be disappointed one bit.  If you have any questions please email me.


What I’ve Been Up To

The past 2.5 weeks have flown by!

I landed at Newark Airport, went to bed then packed for a weekend in Margate with the girls.

Then we were in Aruba for a week.  It was extremely hot but we had a lot of fun.  Delicious food, lots of beach time, jet skiing, massages, shopping, gambling at the Hyatt and repeating it the next day.

This was my view everyday at the beach while sitting under our hut.

I know you’re jealous.

The next 1.5 weeks were in NY/NJ with our friends and family.  Saturday we had my going away party at Studio Square in Queens.  The weather was gorgeous, everyone was there and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.  The girls got me amazing gifts including a subscription to Time Out London!!

Get ready for a lot of photos!!

And now I’m sitting in my parents house getting ready to leave for good tomorrow.  A one way flight to London…WOW!!!


After a week in London and a weekend with the besties in Margate I am off to Aruba with Jon’s family.


Just got back from a run.  Need to shower, do laundry and pack!

Happy 4th of July!!

Wishing everyone a great 4th of July! Have fun and be safe with whatever you are doing today.


Ready to see Avatar with my 3D glasses and all.


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