American TV

American TV Is amazing.  I don’t care if people say it’s trashy or wrong.  I love it.  Having been in the UK for 4 months now I’m really missing Bravo, Food Network, Cooking, ABC, NBC, TLC, and Style.  The list could go on and on and on. I haven’t even watched OWN yet!

Well we have found the answer.  I’m actually sitting in my living room in London watching Live with Regis & Kelly right now.  How you ask…..


We set it up on a TV in NJ and we watch it though our computer.  Now you’re probably thinking “but it’s a 5 hour different so you aren’t going to stay awake until 1am just to watch primetime TV”.  Well that’s where DVR comes in.

We are happy campers now!  American TV in our London flat…GENIUS!

Rachael Ray’s on…gotta go. 


Would This Make You Stop Smoking?

My friend brought cigarettes from Taiwan and when I saw the cartons I was in shock.

And on the other side….

That’s a pregnant woman’s belly.

Then I saw the cigarette’s in the UK and they look like this.

Aging (see how they spell it) of the skin can’t really be compared to the photos from Taiwan.

I don’t know any statistics but I really do wonder if these images have had a positive effect on anyone.

What do you think about these photos on cigarette packs?

100% American

We were home for 3 days and made time to shop for the necessities to bring back with us.  My mom, Jon’s mom & Jen contributed to our American feast. We wouldn’t be able to survive without the American essentials.

There were 3 more boxes of Mac N Cheese and another bag of goldfish but we (really Jon) finished those the first day we got back to London.  Barbara also stocked us up on tic tacs (18 boxes!!!).

I couldn’t go back without the best peanut butter ever!

We might have to bring an empty suitcase to NY in December because we are going to be stocking up on a lot more!


Movie Night

Jon and I are heading to the movies tonight to see The Social Network. The reason I’m posting about it is because the way of getting movie tickets here is impressive.  We are used to going to the theater early, waiting in line to buy the ticket, then waiting in your seat way before the previews start to guarantee a good seat.  Well it doesn’t work like that here.  We bought tickets online for the local odeon movie theater and one of the steps was to pick your seats.  It’s assigned seating in the theater!  This way we won’t have to get there too early and wait and wait and wait.  I think I’m really going to like this.


I’m Really Trying

I’m really trying to get used to this….

…but it’s not easy.

Here are my complaints in no specific order:

1. It takes forever to dry (even with the fan going).

2. The drying contraption takes up the entire living room area.

3. My clothes are never fully dry.

4. My clothes are stiff.

5. My clothes are wrinkled.

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