NY Takes Over London

Last weekend I had these lovely visitors

And these ladies are flying in today!!

So excited!!!!

Happy St. Patty’s Day! 

Scottso Does London

We had another visitor 2 weeks ago, Scott.

That’s him at the Crypt of St. Martin.

Anyway, back to our weekend. We did a lot in 4 days.

He showed up with presents for us!!

Velveeta for Jon and paydays for me!!

First we went to Jon’s favorite Chinese restaurant near Baker Street for dinner on Thursday.

Then we went to Jon’s favorite dim sum restaurant in Chinatown for lunch on Friday.

I’m not sure if Scott isn’t enjoying himself, hates the Christmas Crown Jon got him or I just caught him at a bad moment.

After lunch we checked out the fountain at Trafalgar Square.


On Saturday the boys went to an Arsenal game while I cooked and baked for the Ugly Christmas Sweater party were were going to Saturday night.

How ugly are our sweaters?!  Scott definitely had the ugliest one there!

On Sunday we walked around London a little more.

Stopping at Westminster Abbey.

And Buckingham Palace.

We got dinner at another one of Jon’s favorite Thai restaurants (do you see a theme happening?!) and then Scott headed back to NY on Monday morning.

Such a great weekend!  I hope you enjoyed it Scott!

Soooo Excited!!!

In 4 days my family will be here!  I’ve planned out the week, made reservations for tea and dinners, and made an itinerary for them while I’m in class.  I CAN’T WAIT!!!

We are a crazy family but I’m sure most would consider their family crazy also.  We laugh at the littlest thing and just enjoy our time together.

Most say my mom and I are twins.  Do you agree?

This photo is so ugly but I think it describes my family perfectly…..always blaming Alex for something.

Things Planned:

Abbey Road

Borough Market

Portobello Market

Afternoon Tea





Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

A Tour of my School

Winter Wonderland

The Hobgoblin

Buckingham Palace

And many many more!!

I even have an arrival  gift for them. I hope they like it!

My First Visitor!

Jen’s weekend here flew by!  We had a jam packed 4 days though.

She arrived Thursday morning and next thing I knew it was Sunday afternoon and I was dropping her off at the Heathrow Express.


A little tour around the Westminster Abbey area

A little tour around the Westminster Abbey area


Fashionista Tea at The Berkley

Prêt-à-Portea was so much fun.  Each sweet & savory piece was inspired by a piece of fashion.  We tried to take photos but the lighting wasn’t good at all.  You can learn about the afternoon tea here. The only photo that came out was of a pair of Christian Louboutins. I think it’s a sign.


Spring/Summer 2008 Shoe


After tea we walked around Harrods. and Harvey Nichols then headed to meet Jon and some friends for dinner and drinks at the pub.

Next up…DAY 2 – A day trip to Bath!

The Pasta Party

Lauren, Marie and I ran the After Adoption Race in Hyde Park this morning so last night we decided to go back to our High School days when we had pasta parties before big games. Everyone came over to our flat to hang out, eat and enjoy some wine.  I’d like to give me and Jon a pat on our backs for hosting a successful dinner party (our first one!).

The Menu:

Appetizers: Chips with hummus and guacamole (homemade)

Main Dishes: Couscous with grilled veggies & feta cheese, baked ziti (one dish with whole wheat ziti, one dish with regular ziti) with homemade sauce (yes mom….I did it!!!)

Dessert: Sean’s (Marie’s Fiancé) homemade apple pie with ice cream on top


Well sorry for the lack of photos but all in all we had a great night and were really excited for the race in the morning.

Race Recap up next.

Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

Lauren from Lauren’s Road Less Traveled wrote a post that I just have to share.  She talks about living with no regrets and I totally agree and I’d say that is what I’m doing in London.  You can’t be scared of something and talk yourself out of it.  You have to try it at least once to make it a real reason.

She is studying abroad in Southampton (about an hour and a half away from London) but I get to meet her this weekend!  We are running the After Adoption 5K while Marie runs the 10K. I’m hosting a “pasta party” at our flat Saturday night and I’m really excited/nervous.  It’s my first hosted dinner party (forgot to mention that to Marie & Lauren…hehe)!

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