A & J’s Big Adventure – Part 2

Days 2 & 3 were spent in Disneyland Park. I never thought I’d be at Disney in the cold or snow but I guess this proves you can never say never.

The first ride we went on was It’s A Small World!

We took the train around the park.

Saw cute Mickey shaped bread.

Again we went on all of the rides (even the little kiddie rides) and we never had to wait more than 30 minutes which was great! The park is smaller than Disney World and they didn’t have the turkey legs that Jon was so excited for.

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How pretty is the castle at night?

Up Next: It all starts going downhill from here….

Little Kids Are So Cute

I saw this little boy walking around Notting Hill last weekend and he kept this toy hand on all afternoon.  So cute!

Everyone had something they wouldn’t let go of or take off when they were a kid.  For me I would say it was this blue dress that was my favorite.  I didn’t actually wear pants until I was in 1st grade!

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