One Year Ago Today….

I woke up to an email saying I got into my top choice school.  I was so excited to know that our plan was actually happening.

Sorry I don’t have any photos to insert here (not putting my school name on here for obvious reasons).

And 1 year later I’m 2 exams away from finishing my first semester of my Masters program, living in London in my amazing flat in Notting Hill with my amazing boyfriend, meeting people from all around the world but still mainly hanging out with Americans for some reason. 



Little Kids Are So Cute

I saw this little boy walking around Notting Hill last weekend and he kept this toy hand on all afternoon.  So cute!

Everyone had something they wouldn’t let go of or take off when they were a kid.  For me I would say it was this blue dress that was my favorite.  I didn’t actually wear pants until I was in 1st grade!

Chocolate Chip Cookies (UK Version)

We have been looking in ever food store for cookie dough and been unsuccessful until yesterday when we went to Waitrose for our weekly food shop.  We found this:

Just add water?!?!  Only makes 8 cookies (that’s 1 serving for Jon )?!?! We were skeptical but had to try it out.

Poured the powder (weird) into a bowl.

Add water and mix.

Scoop out onto a tray and put it in the oven for 10 minutes.

Eat the extra cookie “dough”.

Wait, wait, wait and then enjoy.

Our batch only made 6 cookies.

You can taste the different between what we make at home and here but they were edible.  Actually all 6 cookies were gone in about 10 minutes flat.  It might be a record for us. =)

One Year Ago Today….

One year ago today I was given the best gift from my parents.  The gift of sight (well 20/15 vision to be exact). I started the process when I was 18 years old but I chickened out right before the surgery a couple times.  Finally last year I forced myself to go through with it.  I had to have PRK instead of LASIK which is a little bit more involved but produces the same results in the end.  The actual surgery took 10 seconds per eye and then I got up from the table and was able to see everything!!  I layed on my couch for a day looking like this:

After that day I was out shopping, socializing and event went to a birthday party at a bar.  Why did I wait so long?!?!  If anyone is considering it DO IT RIGHT NOW.  You won’t be disappointed one bit.  If you have any questions please email me.


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