Trying Out Another Daily Deal

There was a 50% off Brit Movie Tours on kgbdeals so I gave it a shot. I figured why not see where movies were shot and explore London even more than we already do.

We started at the Temple tube station and across the river you can see the building from Last Chance Harvey where Emma Thompson takes her classes. Sorry I didn’t get a pic.

Next stop was Somerset House where a million movies were filmed such as The Duchess and Sherlock Holmes.

This is Stand Station which isn’t a working tube station anymore.  It’s mostly used for shooting films such as Atonement.

Harry Potter was filmed inside the Australia House.  It was closed so we couldn’t go in but it’s Gringotts Bank.

Next stop is an all time favorite movie of mine and I’m sure you guys love it also….Bridge Jones!

It’s actually the Royal Courts of Justice. Then she runs into a bodega to get ciggs….

A couple other highlights from the tour:

Do you recognize this scene?  It’s from the Da Vinci Code at Temple Church in London.

Jude Law’s apartment from Closer.  If you watch the movie again you will notice the 4 bricks to the right of the apartment door.

Overall the tour was cute.  We walked for 3 hours and saw a lot of different areas of London that we hadn’t gone to before.  The tour guide was also great because she gave us some history of the buildings along the way.  They offer a lot of different tours so check out their website.

How To Make 90 Minutes Fly By

Friday night was date night.  We went to The Gate for dim sum and then headed to the movies to see Due Date.  We got to the movies a little early (90 minutes early…oops) because I think we went to the wrong theater but that’s ok because this theater was in the Westfield Mall so there was plenty to do.

We bought tickets then roamed the mall. There is an ice skating rink in the mall until January so we were going to go ice skating but I wasn’t wearing socks so I quickly said no way to that idea so we watched the others skate around and fall a lot.

Next up…. Snog.

It’s exactly like Pinkberry, Red Mango & Berrywild.

Play around in the Apple store.  This could distract you for hours and hours.

Then we went to the Sony store to check out the new 3D TV.

I don’t think I could sit on my couch and watch TV for more than 15 minutes with these on.  What if you have glasses already?  They don’t fit over them. I also don’t think they are flattering in any way what-so-ever.

Those activities wasted enough time so we headed back to the theater.  The seats were assigned so we still had about 15 minutes so I had a little fun with my photography in the lobby of the theater.

I was a photography major in college and since blogging I’ve been playing around with it again.  I really missed it!  I really want a DSLR so I can have fun with it even more but they are so big and bulky so I’m not in any rush to get it yet.

Plus I’m a student.  BOOOOOO.

As for the movie…It was hilarious.  The Hangover is still the funniest movie out there but this movie kept us laughing.

Movie Frate

Marie and I headed to the movies last Wednesday.  We went to see Life As We Know It.

My review: Cute movie, a little too long, sad story with a happy ending.

The reason for this post is because as much as I enjoy Marie’s company there was something in the bathroom that struck me as bizarre yet handy.

This little vending machine is full of toothbrushes!  Random but smart.  Dinner and a movie is a common duo all around the world.  You might be worried about what’s in your teeth or how your breath is so why not pay £1 and brush your teeth before you snuggle up in the movie.

Would I use it…prob not because I carry gym, tic tacs and dental floss at all times but we all know no one is as organized as me (well maybe my mom). 

Wow I really am a marketing student because I feel like I just did a school project about a new product. Maybe that Masters education is coming in handy.

Movie Night

Jon and I are heading to the movies tonight to see The Social Network. The reason I’m posting about it is because the way of getting movie tickets here is impressive.  We are used to going to the theater early, waiting in line to buy the ticket, then waiting in your seat way before the previews start to guarantee a good seat.  Well it doesn’t work like that here.  We bought tickets online for the local odeon movie theater and one of the steps was to pick your seats.  It’s assigned seating in the theater!  This way we won’t have to get there too early and wait and wait and wait.  I think I’m really going to like this.


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