My First Tube Strike

I thought today would be a normal day until I remembered that there is a tube strike going on.  I checked the Transport For London website and found this:

Apparently this happens a lot so I better get used to it.  Got to head out now since it might take me over an hour to get to class.

School Field Trip

The marketing students and MBA students went to the Tower of London for the day to meet with the marketing team that works there.  It was very boring.  It’s one of the top 5 tourist spots for London but we all weren’t sure why.  After spending the day there we had to give a 10 minute presentation about ways to market the tower better.  At first we were all scared of what to say because we were pretty much telling the team that they were doing a horrible job and we had better ideas than they did but in the end they took it very well and really enjoyed our presentations.

I didn’t even bother taking photos inside the tower but here are some from the outside.  You can say you were there since you have seen these photos.

Don’t waste £17 ($17) to go inside.

*It was pretty cool that our school planned this for us and we got to meet the marketing team though.

The Big Bus

School organized a Big Bus Tour so we all had a bus to ourselves.  It was a cold day but we still sat on top.  Here is your mini tour of London.  When you visit I’ll give you a better one!

The real tour is SOOOOOO much better.  Hurry up and get over here!

Day Trip to Brighton

My school set up a day trip to Brighton so I figured why not go.  All I had to do was pay £10 and show up at the bus. After an hour and a half nauseating bus drive on the “wrong” side of the road we arrived and were ready to explore the seaside town.

First we went to the Royal Pavilion. We didn’t go inside but it was beautiful from the outside.

After that we walked down to the beach and the pier.

It was a beautiful day so there were people jet skiing, laying on the beach (in clothing), and flying kites.

The only strange thing is that the “beach” looked like this up close.

The pier was full of the typical rides, food places and candy stores.

Brighton is known for it’s rock.  It’s pretty much a candy cane in different flavors.  I brought back the strawberry flavor and we both really liked it.

There was a hamburger place that claimed it made them “American Style”.  What does that mean?!

Some other photos from our day…

And I’ll leave you with a street band named Iron Boot Scrapers that was doing a cover of Rianna’s “Umbrella”.

They were awesome and we sat there for a good 20 minutes listening to them.  Here is the link to their website.

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