Superbowl – Expat Style

After our friends (Marie, Sean, Anne Taite, David, Claire & Simon) headed out this is how we watched the superbowl which started at 1130pm for us.  I went to sleep after half time (2am) but Jon stayed up for the entire game.

Halftime show: Horrible

Commercials: Horrible

Game: I don’t really care.

What did you think about it all?


American TV

American TV Is amazing.  I don’t care if people say it’s trashy or wrong.  I love it.  Having been in the UK for 4 months now I’m really missing Bravo, Food Network, Cooking, ABC, NBC, TLC, and Style.  The list could go on and on and on. I haven’t even watched OWN yet!

Well we have found the answer.  I’m actually sitting in my living room in London watching Live with Regis & Kelly right now.  How you ask…..


We set it up on a TV in NJ and we watch it though our computer.  Now you’re probably thinking “but it’s a 5 hour different so you aren’t going to stay awake until 1am just to watch primetime TV”.  Well that’s where DVR comes in.

We are happy campers now!  American TV in our London flat…GENIUS!

Rachael Ray’s on…gotta go. 

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