What makes this American Ginger Ale and not Ginger Ale?

Make ROOM For This Book

Room by Emma Donoghue should be the next book you read.

I finished this book in 3 days and couldn’t wait to share it with you.  The writing, the story, the point of view…it’s all to die for.  Read it now!

Side Note:  This is the UK cover.  You might be more familiar with the US cover which looks like this.


Have you read this book yet or are you going to buy it ASAP?

Sushi Takeout

Take out & delivery are not as common here but you can do it at some places.  I took out sushi from Ukai 2 nights ago and was satisfied with my choices. I ordered edamame, a spicy tuna roll, a salmon avocado roll and 2 pieces of spicy salmon nigiri.

As you can see from the photo it’s not what I’m used to at all.  The edamame came drenched in soy sauce.  To make the rolls spicy they used a chili sauce and just layered it on top.  I like when it’s mixed in and all chopped up!  The roll size is also smaller (5 pieces and 4 pieces vs 6 pieces being standard). It was good and I would order from them again but no sushi can replace Suzu Sushi in NYC and Sushi Hana in NJ.

If I could I’d eat sushi everyday for the rest of my life but I guess I can’t start that until I move back to the States.

Brrrrr…..It’s Cold In Here

It’s starting to get cold in London.  I’ve been trying to not wear my winter jacket yet but I have worn it once so far.  It’s going to be in the 50s this week so I’ll stick to my lighter jacket until absolutely necessary.  We control the heat in our flat which I like but the problem is the thermostat (it’s not really a thermostat but that’s the only word I could think of).  We aren’t really sure how to turn it on correctly.  There aren’t any words on it and it reminds us of IKEA direction, no words only symbols.

A closer look.

The text you see in the photo above doesn’t say anything important.

We just press on and wait for the flame to start up and then let it go but if anyone knows exactly how to work this thing please let me know!

Disclaimer: Parents – We aren’t cold and our heat works so stop over-analyzing this post.


That is how they say vitamins here.  Strange…I know.  Jon and I have been ODing on the UK Version of Airborne this past week because of the flying and traveling we have been doing.  You aren’t supposed to have more than 1 a day but I’ve averaged about 3 a day.  Oops.

I’d also like to say it tastes MUCH better than Airborne and doesn’t leave that awful skum around the edge of your drinking glass (flashback to Cedarlofts apt 14).

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