Home Is Where The Heart Is

You hear that phrase over and over but no matter how many times you hear it it’s still true.

I’m heading home for a month and I couldn’t be more excited to see my family and friends.  My 27th (wow) birthday is on Saturday so I can celebrate it at home which makes me ecstatic to say the least.  We have lots planned including a wedding, holidays, family time, friend time and I’m even working in the NY office of my internship.

This will be the last long break to visit NY & NJ so we are going to make this one the best.  Hopefully the weather gets better because I want to just wander with my dunkin donuts coffee in hand. I can’t wait to eat sushi more than 3 times in a week, have a chopped salad for lunch, have a bagel with cream cheese and lox, dry my clothes in 30 minutes and so many other things.

I also have to study for 3 exams, write a paper and write my thesis proposal but I don’t want to be a downer right now so let’s ignore those little details of my fabulous month at home.

So cheerio London and HELLO NEW YORK!!

Museum of London

I saw this ad in various tube stations and wanted to check out the exhibit.

Sorry for the blurriness, it’s a blackberry photo.

Jon and I headed to the Museum of London Sunday afternoon for our first visit to this museum. I didn’t even check out the other exhibits on the website because I knew I was only interested in the London Street Photography exhibit.

We walked in to find out that the exhibit had a 1 hour wait and we didn’t have patience to wait around so we walked around the other exhibits which were really cool actually.

Specifically the Expanding City: 1666-1850s, People’s City 1850s-1940s & World City 1940s to Today permanent exhibits.

Expanding City: 1666-1850s

Lord Mayor’s Coach in 1757.

People’s City: 1850s-1940s

We took a stroll through a Victorian Walk.

A Fancy Stationer:

A Grocery store:

World City: 1950s–today

This section was the most fun. Interaction maps, artwork, fashion, etc


Interaction game and map:

Dr Martens of course:


Alternative Londoners


That was my little unorganized tour for you and if you liked this then I suggest you visit the museum yourself.  I’m also hoping to make it back for the photography exhibit eventually so you’ll see a post about that soon too.

All in all, it was a perfect rainy day activity. 


For Your Entertainment

Not that much going on right now.  London has gotten cold (High 30s/Low 40s). We do have trips and visitors lined up for the next couple of weeks so I promise there will be better posts coming soon.  Until then enjoy these videos.

Don’t Forget Your Umbrella

Look at this beautiful weather forecast we have for this week.

Can’t wait! 

A & J’s Big Adventure – Part 4/Plan B

Plan B was to book a flight to NY from Paris and spend a couple of days there as well.  The next flight out was on Wednesday so we had 2 days in Paris!

Paris doesn’t need words….only photos.

On Wednesday morning we successfully flew from Paris to New York and enjoyed our time with family and friends.  I don’t have any photos from the rest of our trip because my camera battery was dead and the charger was obviously left in London. 

We are back in London and ready to take on the new year!

A & J’s Big Adventure – Part 2

Days 2 & 3 were spent in Disneyland Park. I never thought I’d be at Disney in the cold or snow but I guess this proves you can never say never.

The first ride we went on was It’s A Small World!

We took the train around the park.

Saw cute Mickey shaped bread.

Again we went on all of the rides (even the little kiddie rides) and we never had to wait more than 30 minutes which was great! The park is smaller than Disney World and they didn’t have the turkey legs that Jon was so excited for.

Click for source

How pretty is the castle at night?

Up Next: It all starts going downhill from here….

A & J’s Big Adventure – Part 1

We wanted to go somewhere for the weekend before heading back to NY for 3 weeks.  We threw out a few ideas and decided on Disneyland Paris. We figured it would be easy to get to on the EuroStar and we could act like kids again for a couple of days.

The Eurostar was so easy.  We went to St. Pancras station, jumped on the train and in 2 1/2 hours we were at Disney. We arrived at our hotel with a warm welcome.

We headed out to Disney Village to get dinner at Annettes Diner.

It was very similar to Johnny Rockets.  The staff sang, danced and roller skated around the restaurant.  The food….nothing to write home about.

We woke up the next morning to this.

We were a little worried but nothing was going to stop us from having a great time at Disney!  We bundled up and went to Walt Disney Studios Park (similar to Universal studios but still Disney).

We saw all of the characters, the parade and went on every ride.  The park was small but the perfect size to tackle in 1 day.

We went to the Stunt Show Spectacular but it was anything but spectacular.

Half the show was in English and the other half in French.  We aren’t sure if we missed anything but we do know that 4 stunts didn’t happen.  That would never happen in the Orlando Parks.

They had the Tower of Terror there and it was a lot of fun because it was all in French so we had no idea when we were going to drop.  That was awesome.

After the park we enjoyed a nice Italian dinner at Disney’s Hotel New York.

Up Next: Day 2 at Disneyland.


I’m getting ready to head to the States for the holidays and packing is a mess.  I’m going to be in cold weather, freezing weather and warm weather.  How do I pack 1 suitcase for all of that?!?!

Well besides that I took out my US blackberry, turn it on and I got this.


But don’t worry after 10 minutes it started up.  I guess it was just completely dead after not using it for 2 months.  All is ok though b/c it’s working and back in action so feel free to call, text or bbm when I’m home!!!

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