Exploring London

Wendy is a fellow expat living in Notting Hill and when I first moved here I emailed her about 53892058920352 questions and she was so helpful with every single one.  She really knew London and I trusted her recommendations.

It’s quite fitting that she has just started her own company called…….

London In A Day

It’s a private tour guide company that will show you London in 6 hours or less without getting lost, using  map or getting stressed.

Check out her blog as well as her company!

4 Days Left…I Never Thought This Day Would Come

So 4 days left of work.  I’ve been there for 3.5 years so as much as it’s a exciting reason to leave it’s sad at the same time.  I’ve become so close with a lot of people in the office.  If you think about it you spend more time at work in a week than actually interacting with the people you live with.  This is my desk…3 years worth of stuff (we sat on a different floor for a little while).

Look at everything on the walls.  All memories.  I think I’m going to miss the huge desk calendar the most.  I love how colorful and organized it made me.  Is that crazy?!

Well as they say, “When one door closes another one opens” so I’m ready for that and REALLY EXCITED!!

What does your desk look like?

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