I’m Learning

I’m still learning how this self hosted thing works.  I can’t figure out how to get the RSS button on the top left to link to news feeds so in the mean time just update your google reader (or whatever other one you use) with this link:


You can delete the other RSS feed that posted this.

Thanks for being patient!

Bear With Me

I’ve made some major changes to the blog thanks to the amazing web guru David. I’m still trying to get everything back to normal so bear with me for a little.  My new posts aren’t showing up in Google Reader (except for this one – I know) for some reason so hopefully I can get that working ASAP.  For the time being please go straight to the blog at hopskipjumpashley.com.

The Way I See It: July 5, 2011

The Way I See It: July 4, 2011

To All The Americans…

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 Chilango, a Mexican restaurant, is offering free burritos to all Americans in London tomorrow so you better believe I’ll be there! Yum!!

Other July 4th celebrations in London can be found on this website called Americans Living in London – AFY! Online.

The Way I See It: July 3, 2011

Wake Up In The Morning Feeling Like P Diddy

We did it again…picniced outside the Wireless Festival. A little Ke$ha on a Saturday afternoon never hurt anyone.

The Way I See It: July 2, 2011

The Way I See It: July 1, 2012

Look At These!!!

Christian Louboutin has outdone himself again!

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